Forward Margin Management
Improve margins and manage your risk exposures


Many commodity related businesses are built by mergers and acquisitions. As a result of this, IT landscapes are scattered and challenging from a reporting perspective. Gathering the data, needed for proper margin and risk reporting can be a slow and painful process.

TRADESPARENT Risk Management Solutions is the platform independent reference in commodity risk and margin reporting and provides a complete and dynamic view of all business results and risk exposures. This helps commodity processors and traders to make swift decisions on a daily basis, supported by fact based intelligence. If you want to gain full insight and make the right decision over and over again it’s better to play with transparent glasses than opaque ones…

Fast Implementation

Harmonisation of companies, working procedures, training of staff and implementation of a full scale, corporate ERP- or CTRM system can last for many years. In the meantime, TRADESPARENT delivers the here-and-now solution for Risk & Margin Management. It captures all relevant data from your existing systems and converts it into meaningful Risk and Margin Management Information. Evolution instead of revolution. Full and daily Risk and Margin Management within months rather than years.

Our Solutions

Reduce your risk and improve margins by complete transparency in your commodity related prices, positions and planning data.

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Advanced insight into the complete company performance, with just a few simple clicks.

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Identify counterparty risk, define and run Value-at-Risk and stress test portfolios, including limit structures on positions, VaR, drawdowns and counterparties.

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Fully adjustable to your needs.

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